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Underworld is not only one of the most important electronic bands in the world, but also one of the pioneers of this progressive style. Although they did not experience full fame until the 1990s, they began their activities at the beginning of the previous decade. From the very beginning, the main personalities of the ensemble are Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, who were continuously supplemented by more than a dozen other collaborators, the most important of which was undoubtedly DJ Darren Emerson. The turning point in the band’s career was the participation in the soundtrack of the cult film Trainspotting, which contained two tracks Underworld Dark & ​​amp; Long (Dark Train) and Born Slippy, which are among the most famous recordings of the 90’s and electronic music in general. Underworld’s career is also interesting in a global context because, although it is one of the most famous existing bands with millions in sales, it has never lost the will to move its music, experiment and collaborate with many other artists, often from completely remote genres such as minimalist improvisation group The Necks or rocker Iggy Pop on the other. In addition to dozens of basic discography albums, Underworld also has a number of live recordings, film soundtracks and music components of popular video games.

Underworld will perform on Saturday, June 25, 2022

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