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Metronome club (old)

The International music festival invites you to become a member of an exclusive club that will allow you to enter the world of music!

We will lead you through musical genres, the Czech and international music scene, the hottest music news, the latest information about the upcoming concerts, and the most interesting trends. You can meet stars, visit concerts as a VIP, get tickets to allready sold out concerts. You will get to the UP zone of Metronome Prague festival, which can only be accessed by a few TOP partners, business people and public officials.


Do you love music? Do you like having people around who think like you? Do you like to have an exciting time, but you also want to be surrounded by a pleasant and, above all, comfortable environment? Are you also fond of good food and high-quality drinks? Or do you perhaps enjoy listening to your favourite tunes in the privacy of your home?

Whether you want to enjoy music by yourself, with friends, or in the crowd, METRONOME CLUB will provide it for you. A unique opportunity to be part of the current music scene opens before you. You have a chance to become a co-creator of a great international music event. Be proud of the fact that thanks to your interest and participation, you are helping the czech capital to get on the map of world cultural centers.


Barbora Austerlitz
VIP Partners Services
+420 607 824 784 / barbora.austerlitz@metronome.cz
Metronome Production s.r.o. & Ostrovy s.r.o. / Slunná 27, Praha 6

Metronome Club Founders

Barbora Austerlitz
David Gaydečka
Martin Voňka
Libor Winkler