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Dear music fans, thank you for your patience with which you are waiting for the real Metronome! In order to get you warmed up in the meantime, we want to bring you above-standard services not only during the festival, but throughout the year.

Therefore, each of you who owns a ticket to the Metronome Prague Festival 2020 automatically becomes a member of the Metronome Club, which brings you the following benefits:

  • An exclusive supply of top news from the world of music awaits you throughout the year
  • You will get clear information about planned concerts, festivals, best-selling albums, etc.
  • Will be able to get discounted admission to selected concerts
  • We will prepare for you an inexhaustible number of benefits at the venue of the Metronome Prague festival 2022
  • We will give you the option of preferential purchase of tickets for selected events
  • We will launch various competitions for valuable prizes for you throughout the year
  • You will have the option of purchasing a discounted LP at selected retailers

All we need for you is to enter your name, surname and email you used when you were purchasing your tickets for Metronome festival. Other e-mail addresses will not be accepted.